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Zoho Mail is a great mail host that supports free custom domains. Here are the steps to get it all put together.

Olden Days

Gmail is a great email web app. They have great spam filtering, and the UI is snappy. In the olden days, they offered free custom domains if you used the Google Apps for Business. That has all been monetized by a subscription these days. The G Suite will cost you $5-10 a month. This is reasonable, but free is better.

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How To: Use as a free custom domain email host

Google shocked the tech world back in December of 2012 when, out of nowhere, it announced that Google Apps Free Edition was going bye-bye. I was also a bit disappointed to hear about this, as it provided a free way for clubs and small businesses of 10 users or less to leverage the power of Google Apps for their email, calendaring, contacts, etc.

Yet as a consultant to numerous clients supporting clients on the Free edition, who knows the unreasonable expectations they sometimes hold the (free) service to, I can see Google’s justification for pruning the bushes here. We can all agree: it was good while it lasted.

Luckily, there is another stable (and also completely free) option for those who want to route email for their custom domain through something other than terrible POP or IMAP email through their webhost. I’ve got nothing against webhosts themselves — but their ‘free’ email solutions are horrible. From GoDaddy to 1and1 to the other big boys all advertising their ‘free’ email services, none of them are worth their weight in salt.

Enter Yes, that fierce new competitor to Gmail that is quickly picking up steam. BetaNews writer Mihaita Bamburic pitted it head to head against Gmail, and while he claims it doesn’t topple Gmail (yet), it is still a very solid solution to free email. And Microsoft has been doing anything but sitting on its heels with this new cloud service.

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Administra tu cuenta de Dropbox desde Owncloud

Cómo usar tu espacio de almacenamiento de Dropbox desde ownCloud.

En notas anteriores hemos hablado de ownCloud, un servicio de almacenamiento y colaboración en la nube que puedes instalar en tu servicio de hosting. En esta nota queremos hablarte sobre como puedes vincular tu cuenta de Dropbox a ownCloud, para que gestiones todo tu espacio de almacenamiento en la nube desde una sola interfaz.

Antes de continuar te queremos dejar algunos enlaces a tutoriales sobre como puedes instalar ownCloud en servicios de hosting gratuito.

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30 Tools & Resources to Expand your eLearning Design Toolbox

An online search for design tools for eLearning will produce more results than you can shake a digital stick at. And while it’s great to have variety, this level of choice can be overwhelming and possibly expensive depending on the tools you try out.

To make things easier on eLearning designers, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite free and low-cost tools that are worth keeping in your virtual toolbox. Read on for over two dozen tools to make your eLearning courses better, faster and more engaging:

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Compilando audio/video… | reAprender

En su época, me gustaba bastante un servicio llamado vodpod (RIP), que permitía compilar en un único lugar videos de diversos servicios (youtube y vimeo, en especial, los que más consulto) y armar listas con ellos.  Algo como pinterest, pero para videos, con un útil enlace que vivía en la barra de herramientas del navegador.  En mi blog esas listas terminaron embebidas en el sidebar de mi blog, bajo el título “Lo que estoy viendo”, el cual se actualizaba automáticamente.

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vía Compilando audio/video… | reAprender.

3 alternativas para crear presentaciones impactantes | TICbeat

Si trabajas habitualmente con Power Point para elaborar presentaciones para tu equipo o tus clientes, en Internet encontrarás multitud de herramientas con las que podrás crear diseños mucho más vistosos, creativos y originales que con el programa del paquete de Microsoft Office.

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vía 3 alternativas para crear presentaciones impactantes | TICbeat.