Content Curation Tools: 5 Different Approaches

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According to the Romain Goday, there are five distinct approaches to content curation. They are:    1. The Expert Approach: Curators
A way to obtain relevant information with a reduced level of effort is to rely on experts.    2. The Crowd Approach: Popularity
Most content curation tools use a series of algorithms to determine which content is popular and make it more visible to users.    3. The User Behavior Approach: Personalization
Content personalization involves using technology to accommodate the different information needs between individuals. It surfaces content that is assumed to be more relevant for a specific user.    4. The Relationships Approach: Social Graph The social graph is an increasingly used approach to curate information.    5. The Patterns Approach: Emergence
This approach consists of representing the emergence of content over the Web.   And for each one it provides an in-depth description, pros and cons as well as example of real tools utilizing that approach.   He concludes with a simple but insightful point:  “Most of those approaches are combined by content curation tools in an attempt to increase information relevance for the users.  Tools cannot effectively understand the context of the user. So the challenge is to reduce the noise without filtering information that could be valuable for the user.   [read full article]

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